The best team in the business

  • Community Surveys/Notifications

    Cities often require community outreach when you are filming on location. Our Field Services team is filled with experienced professionals ready to explain the details of your project to affected neighbors in a way they will understand so you may focus your attention on more pressing aspects of your production. The signature gatherer assigned to your location will keep you informed of any issues that arise, allowing you the opportunity to address any problems before the City reviews the completed signature packet. The thoroughness of our work has earned us many referrals from city officials across the southland, so you may rest easy knowing you have hired the best team in the business.

  • Posting of “No Parking” Signs

    Parking on the streets of Southern California is a coveted commodity. Our dedicated runners know these streets better than anyone. We have posted signs from Bakersfield to San Diego, and everywhere in between. We also stay up-to-date on the specific posting guidelines in each city to help keep your “No Parking” signs enforceable.

  • “Road Work Ahead” Signs

    Many municipalities require advance warning signs when you have vehicles parked along public streets. There is often additional signage required for intermittent traffic control (ITC) or when wetting down the street. We have the equipment you need and are available to set it up for you.