Bellflower, CA: “Any Town, USA”


Welcome to the City of Bellflower, a film-friendly community inside the 30-mile zone. Whether you’re looking to shoot quaint neighborhoods, “Main Street, USA,” charming architecture, or even a top-quality aquatics center, we’ve got that hard-to-find “middle America” look and feel you need.

In addition, we’ve earned our reputation for excellent service over the years with an accommodating city government and a streamlined, client-friendly permitting system. Previous on-location shoots in Bellflower include Gangster Squad, The Amazing Spider-Man, Jane the Virgin, and Larry Crown, in addition to commercials for American Express, Denny’s, Audi, and Mercedes Benz.

Any filming or still photography on public or private property within the City of Bellflower requires a film permit. Non-commercial filming (filming for personal use and breaking news coverage) does not require a film permit.


  • Film permit application
  • Proof of insurance
  • City of Bellflower business license
  • Site map
  • LA County Fire permit
  • Right of Way permit (where applicable)
  • Permission to use property form

Turn Around Time

The City of Bellflower can turn around a simple film permit in as little as 2 days, with more time needed for complex shoots. We understand the constantly changing and last-minute nature of filmmaking, and our goal is to make the permitting process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Student projects and verified non-profit organizations may be eligible for a special fee rate. Please contact Eric Nichols with app, LLC at (323) 260-4777 for more information.


Production is responsible for procuring general liability insurance for filming within the City of Bellflower. The city requires proof of insurance before a permit will be issued. Specific insurance requirements can be found in the Forms section.


For questions or to discuss a new film permit for the City of Bellflower, please contact:

Eric Nichols
app, LLC.
(323) 260-4777

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