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Over the years, PPS has built a solid reputation in the Locations world. We have solidified our position as the go-to agency for all things film-permitting. Our expertise can save your production valuable time and money. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here’s what our clients and local film offices have to say about working with PPS.

  • I have been a location Manager since 1991--- back when complicated Los Angeles City and County film permit applications needed to be written by hand, in person, at the film permit office.

    A lot has changed since then--- first with the EIDC and now FilmLA. And there have been immeasurable improvements municipalities have enacted to make film permits easier. But with those improvements have come exacting rules, procedures, changing deadlines and countless mandatory efforts for community outreach and notification. Quite simply--- any show’s location film permit management is now a full-time job. One requiring attention to detail, finesse, and an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules and regulations.

    I am honored and proud to be a 10+ year client of PPS--- a company that has mastered and excelled in preforming all of the aforementioned tasks for their clients. Simply put, I could not do my job without them.

    Their professionalism exceeds not just their competitors, but my high standards. They are invaluable, and a credit to the local filming community as a whole.

    Edward Mazurek
  • PPS helps out when I'm in a jam and need help pulling permits. Everyone is friendly and eager to help. I like that everyone is informed and has the answers when I need them. Everyone works hard to help me get my job done.

    Eva Schroeder
    Location Manager
  • I look at our relationship as a partnership. PPS provides the highest level of service in the industry, which I can extend to my producers and shows. The requirements and daily tasks of our job as Location Manager have increased one hundred fold over the years. PPS helps us handle a myriad of permitting issues to let us focus on the stuff that's really important--lawyers and insurance!!

    Jeffrey T. Spellman
    Location Manager
  • PPS has consistently worked with the Arts District community to insure its clients know exactly what to expect, and PPS will reach out to us regularly to better understand the concerns of local businesses and residents. That means location productions in the Arts District facilitated by PPS run smoothly with a minimum of surprises or last-minute costs.

    Jonathan Jerald
    Arts District Community Liaison
  • Don't use PPS. I want them all to myself. Go away.

    Keith Bohanan
    Location Manager
  • I wanted to give a shout out to PPS for all their help on the WBTV pilot Rush Hour. I’ve been using PPS for years and have always been happy with the service and results. On this show, they went way above and beyond helping me with too many last minute changes and permitting and posting dilemmas. I will definitely be calling again soon.

    Paul Wilson
    Location Manager
  • Stop spinning your wheels, re-inventing the wheel, and wasting gas driving in your wheels. Concentrate on what only you and your department can and need to do, and let PPS help you with the rest! As PPS has grown over the years and processed so many permits, the coordinators have become extremely knowledgeable about specific neighborhoods, what can and can't be done at certain locations, and where good places are to do stunts and late hours that have been permitted before. So PPS has become just as helpful to the scouting process as the permitting process.

    Diane Friedman
    Location Manager
  • PPS is the best! They cover everything. I use PPS because I like to have the security of knowing that when I need to have something done, it’s done. If you want to make your life and job easier, use PPS.

    Rocky Brooks
    Location Manager

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